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I'm compiling a manuscript

I've started the process of compiling a manuscript, the core of which will be the poems I've been writing in this journal. Here's the list of poems that I'm happy enough with to start working on. You might see some of them pop up in revised form. The title I'm considering for the book is vojs

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No, the hiatus isn't over, I just had an idea I wanted to test out

Description of a Burned Painting
   bluegrey                stars
    ofahand     redhair
closed wall
window bricks  neck
cello?                 string
viola?                     pallet
redground                  stand
    nose      collaged
    lips      sister's
    chin      suicide note?
Restored by the Artist's Brother
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I'm going to be travelling again, for an indefinite period of time. I've therefore decided to take a hiatus from once-a-day poetry. I'll just start jotting down random thoughts into my notebook. I haven't had the energy for more than a haiku lately. I feel drained. Last night's haiku was the poorest poem I'd written in at least a month. I'll take the hint and let my mind rest for a while.
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